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Rene's Attic Collection
Offers the following Delightful Collectibles
Annalee Dolls, Assorted Collectibles, Attic Babies, Boyd's, Charming Tails, Cherished Teddies, CocaCola, Collectibles,
David Winter, Dept. 56, Dickens Village, Fitz & Floyd, Halloween, Ivy and Innocence, Kurt Adler, Lefton Colonial Village, Lemax,
Little Cheesers, Midwest, Mouse Tales, Roman, Sarah's Attic, Snowbabies, SnowTown, St. Martins Original Bear, Steiff, Swarovski, Ty, Waterford, Winnie the Pooh

Comics Collection  --  Gun Collection  --  Miscellaneous  -- 
Comics Collection Sale  - (Arak, Conan, Dagar, Indiana Jones, John Carter - Kill Raven, Korak, Kull, Red Sonya, Sad Sack, Tarzan, The Warlord, Thongor, Tragg, Turok, War of The Worlds, Warlord of Mars, Western Tales, Wulf the Barbarian)
Gun Collection Sale - Private sale - Various items
Radios 94 Cadillac / Chev  Pickup -  Star wars plaques   

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I have been using Freefind for about 15 years and am very pleased with it.  There are some site search engines that deliver items that do not relate to your request - FreeFind in very accurate.

Information and Organizations

DAV  - Disabled American Veterans Organization: - Have you said thanks for your freedom lately.
Herbs - This is information only
Military.com  -  Helping Veterans, Service Members, and their families use their benefits,  find old friends, and stay connected with the military community.
Sass-N-Brass  -  Back to the 50s music with Jan & Chris.  I've seen their performance live - highly recommended for your next occasion.
VFW  - Veterans of Foreign Wars Organization - Programs for Veterans, give a helping hand
Vitamins  -  The FDA has not verified these data.   

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