Publisher Code of Conduct

The following actions, practices and conduct, whether active or passive, direct or indirect, are prohibited:

  • Interference with referrals. Interference with referrals. No Web Publisher or software download Technology Provider may interfere with or seek to influence improperly the referral of a potential customer or visitor ("End-User") to the Web site of an online Advertiser. No Publisher or Technology Provider will automatically replace or alter any component of a Service Provider's technology that results in a reduction of any compensation earned by another Publisher. For example, a Publisher or Technology Provider may not use methods or technology to automatically replace a Service Provider's tracking identifier of another Publisher with its own Service Provider's tracking identifier or otherwise intercept or redirect an End-User from being referred through another Publisher's Link.

    Publisher may notify an End-User once that End-User has arrived at the Advertiser's Web site of an opportunity to utilize technology employed by that Publisher and obtain the End-User's consent via affirmative action upon each occurrence to proceed with the operation of such technology. Implementation of software application functionality requires that the notification be easily understood by the average End-User, that any settings for automatic notification must be explicitly opt-in, and that it is not objectionable to the Advertiser.
  • Non End-User Initiated Events. Publishers may not use invisible methods to generate non End-User initiated impressions, clicks, or transactions. All click ("Click") events must be initiated by an affirmative End-User action.
  • Altering another Publisher's site. Publishers may not utilize Service Provider's technology in any manner that alters, changes, substitutes or modifies the content of another Publisher's Web pages.
  • Software installation and de-installation. Publishers may not utilize Service Provider's technology with other Software, whereby the installation and de-installation is not obvious, easy or complete. Licensing and terms of all software downloads and applications of any type must be clearly presented to and accepted by the End-User. Software that utilizes Service Provider's technology must be clearly marked in such a manner that the End-User can identify the Publisher's Software with an associated behavior that occurs on the End-User's computer, and receive visible notification of such behavior.


  • Advertiser - the company in an active relationship with a Service Provider for the purpose of displaying advertisements with Publishers to market their products and/or services
  • Publisher - the company in an active relationship with a Service Provider with which Advertiser's advertisements are displayed to End-Users
  • End-User - individuals (consumers) who respond to advertisements from Advertisers that are displayed by Publishers
  • Service Provider - a company that provides services and technologies to both Advertisers and Publishers
  • Technology Provider - the company that provides Software used to display Advertiser's advertisements to End-Users.
  • Click - the initiation of an End-User referral action from a Publisher to an Advertiser's site, tracked through the Technology Provider's services.
  • Publisher Link - a link to an Advertiser where an active affiliate relationship exists with one of the undersigned affiliate service providers and that:
    • Links to any of the following domains:

      (Note: these domains are subject to change based on technology change. Publishers who are filtering these domains will be notified of changes.)

    • Contains a parameter named 'afsrc' set to any value.

      This 'afsrc' parameter option is provided to address the case where affiliates modify or mask the links provided to them from the affiliate service providers and it becomes impossible to determine that they are affiliate links based on their appearance.
  • Publisher Web Page - a page that contains a Publisher Link and is part of a Web site where an Advertiser and the Publisher have an active affiliate relationship. [On these pages is copyright property of Ogle Information Systems]

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