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30-40 Krag Sporterized (C&R),   M1 Garand,   M38 Russian (C&R),   M48 unissued (C&R),    M1A /M14 mags,   M44 Russian (C&R)   Medical Tape,   Pistol Cases,   SKS magazines 5 rd,   US Stamped 303 Enfield (C&R),    US 1917 Enfield 30-06 sporterized (C&R),  
Yugo SKS w/grenade launcher (C&R),  

Items sold to date: 
Arisaka -- Daewoo DP51 9mm -- Garand M1 Stock set -- Garand M14S #1 -- Garand M14S #2 -- Saiga 12 gage 3" --
SKS magazine 5 rds -- SKS by Norinco -- SKS, Chinese, Good Hunter  -- Yugo SKS with Grenade launcher -- Remington 30-06 model 74.

30-40 Krag Sporterized (C&R)
$825.00 excellent condition
Enfield MK4 #1 303  L1572  (C&R)   
Enfield MK1 #III 308 (C&R) Produced in India.

Enfield MK4 #1 303  US Stamped  60C2506  (C&R)

Enfield US 1917 30-06  Sporterized (C&R)

Garand M1  Using CIA Receiver

Garand M1 CIA Barreled Receiver
$65.00 * read details on web page

Garand M1A or M14 mags $29.00 ea
Garand M1, Bayonets: There were actually a large number of different bayonets used on the M1 Garand Rifle. Any of these would be correct for a simple M1 collection in our opinion as older rifles were used right up until the Vietnam war. This page will be completed if and when our bayonet collection ever grows.     The following quick M1 Garand Bayonet rundown was provided by: Greg Robinson first published on the CMP web site.

MODEL 1905: Made by Springfield Armory and Rock Island Arsenal from 1906-1922. 16" blade, originally bright polished finish, then blued, then parkerized. Scabbards were the Model 1905 (all leather) and Model 1910 (canvas and leather).    
MODEL 1905:
Same as above with 16" blades. Parkerized finish. Not nearly as well made as the arsenal made bayonets. Made by commercial contractors. Made by Utica Cutlery, Oneida Limited, Wilde Drop Forge and Tool, Pal Blade and Tool, American Fork and Hoe, and Union Fork and Hoe. Scabbards same as above plus the M3 fiber scabbard adopted 1941. 1942-1943.    
MODEL 1905E1:
16" blades as noted above were cut to 10" blades. Cut by same commercial contractors which made the WW2 production M1905. 1943 M3 scabbard cut down to 10" with nomenclature M3A1.    
10" Parkerized finish. Made by American Fork and Hoe, Oneida Limited, Union Fork and Hoe, Pal Blade and Tool, Utica Cutlery. 1943-1945. Some production in 1953. M7 scabbard.    
MODEL M5/M5-1/M5A1:
6" blade. Made by Aerial Cutlery, J&D Tool, Imperial Cutlery, Milpar Columbus, and Utica Cutlery. Adopted in 1953.
5 mags for G3 and HK91 (308 NATO) - These mags are not engineered for a CETME, although they will lock I still don't recommend it.  
Mauser K98 (C&R)  Page 01 - Page 02
Has Nazi Markings but Swastikas are stamped out - Very good condition.

Mauser K98 (C&R)
Has Nazi Markings - Very good condition

M38 Russian (C&R)
Very Good -

M44 Russian (C&R)
Very Good

Saiga 762x39 Black:
$430.00  When an item has been sold to an individual it can no longer be called new, but this one is as good as new.

P-38 (C&R) $690.00
Has Nazi markings, looks unissued 100%
Pistol Cases
SKS w/grenade launcher-Yugo
(C&R)(very Good) $450.00

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Notice: Under absolutely no circumstance will I knowingly sell you a defective gun.  However, I shall not be held liable for a failure.   I strongly recommend that you have all guns checked by a qualified gunsmith before firing.

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