Rene's Attic Offers the following Collectibles
Annalee Dolls, Assorted Collectibles, Attic Babies, Boyd's, Charming Tails, Cherished Teddies, CocaCola, Collectibles,
David Winter, Dept 56, Dickens Village, Fitz & Floyd, Halloween, Ivy and Innocence, Kurt Adler, Lefton Colonial Village, Lemax,
Little Cheesers, Midwest, Mouse Tales, Roman, Sarah's Attic, Snowbabies, SnowTown, St. Martins Original Bear, Steiff, Swarovski, Ty, Waterford, Winnie the Pooh

 New policy as of 9/21/2014:
50% OFF The Following Collectibles:
Boyds, Charming Tails, Cherished Teddies, CocaCola, David Winter, Ive & Innocence, Lemax, Little Cheesers, Mouse Tales, Roman Inc, The Legend of Fortune Fairies, Winnie The Pooh  - no free shipping for discounted items 

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Annalee Mobilitee Dolls
   Last Update 3/11/14
Dolls you can bend and pose
Assorted Collectibles
   Last Update 3/11/14
Collectibles by Various Manufacturers and Handcrafted Items 
Attic Baby Collection
   Last Update 3/11/14
Attic Babies by Marty Maschino
   Last Update
Boyd's Accessories and Catalogs
Boyd's Bearstone - Bearwear Pins - Dolls and Dollstones
Boyd's Folkstone Collection (Tall) - Boyd's Plush Bears - Cats and Cows
Boyd's Dogs - Lambs - Moose and Rabbits
Boyd's Shoe Box Bears and Sweaters
Boyd's Elfs - Faeries - Ribbit & Co. and Snowpeople
Charming Tails
   Last Update 3/11/14
Figurines and Ornaments --
Cherished Teddies
   Last Update 3/11/14
Figurines - Ornaments and Plush Bears
CocaCola Collectibles
   Last Updat 1/16/2014
Over 20 Coca-Cola collectibles with pictures
David Winter
Village series from England
Dept 56
   Last Update 1/14/2014
I have Dept 56 collectibles such as Alpine Village Series and the Dickens Village Series, also Winter Tales of the Snowbabies and Snowbabies Accessories and Snowbabies Ornaments and pewter miniatures and Snowbunnies
Fitz & Floyd
   Last update
Enchanted Forest Collection - Holiday Hamlet
   Last Update 3/11/14
Halloween Collectibles by Various Manufacturers, and Handcrafted Items  -- Includes a demostration display
Harmony Kingdom
   Last Update
Harmony Kingdom
Ivy and Innocence
  Last Update
Ivy and Innocence - by Cast Art Industries Inc.
Kurt S Adler
   Last Update 3/11/14
Snowtown - Fabriche' Santa's - Ornaments
Lefton Colonial Village Series
   Last Update 3/13/2014
Houses and Buildings   ++   Figurines and Accessories - 3  Pages  ++  Easter Bunnies
Christmas Ornaments  ++   Memories of Home
   Last Update 3/11/14
Spooky Town Collection
Little Cheesers
   last Update
Midwest of Cannon Falls
   Last Update 3/11/14
Cottontail Lane Houses,  Creations by Sandi Gore Evans, Creepy Hollow,  Figurines,  Mice,
Original Carvings by Eddie Walker
Mouse Tales
   Last Update
Mouse Tales  By Priscilla Hillman
   Last Update 3/11/14
Christmas Plates, Glasses and Mugs
Possible Dreams
   Last Update 3/11/14
Clothtiques Santas and Elves
Raggedy Ann and Andy
  Last Update 3/11/14
From The Constance Collection
Roman Inc
  Last Update 3/11/14
Very Merry Mice Collection
Sarah's Attic
  Last Update 2/6/2014
Collectibles From The Heart - Yummykins
   Last Update
Spoontiques Lighthouses
Steiff of Germany
   Last Update 3/11/14
Swarovski Crystal
   Last Update
Swarovski Crystal Memories Classics
The legend of Fortune Fairies
   Last update 3/11/14
The legend of Fortune Fairies  -  Fairies Figurines
The Story Book Collection
  Last Update
Resin Bears  -  By Carolyn Carpin
Thomas Kinkade
  Last Update
Set of Christmas Ornaments
   Last Update 3/11/14
Princess DI among many, many others
   Last Update
Holiday Heirlooms
   The Night Before Christmas Series, and Annual Ornament Series
Winnie The Pooh
   Initial Entry
Rene's Halloween Display An example of what you might like to do yourself
Rene's Flowers Rene's garden from 2001 thru 2014 == Rene's garden for 2015
Clydesdales  Video comercials, laugh, smile, fun

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