30-40 Krag-Jorgensen Sporter (C&R)  -  Priced at $825.00 This model 1898 built by Springfield Armory undoubtedly has the smoothest action of any bolt action rifle ever built.  It has been sporterized by a professional.  The original stock is modified to a pistol style grip and checkered, and the wood is in fine shape.  The barrel is 23" from tip to receiver.  The front sight was ramped and beaded, and it now sports a new adjustable rear peep sight.  There was a lot of varnish on the stock but it cleaned up great.  As modified I place it NRA very good to Excellent.  

The 30-40 Kreg was carried by the rough riders and the 9th and 10th Regular Cavalry as they fought their way up San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American war.  Though somewhat outclassed by the Spanish Mausers, it still performed extreamly well. 
I am reluctant to sell this Kreg, my first deer gun was a Kreg that I bought in 1954 but had to leave behind when I joined the Army.  Forty four years later I decided to buy this one.  Please read notice at bottom of page.

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