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K98 German  - This is a C&R item, priced at $300.00 - In very good condition.  It uses the 8mm Mauser round (7.92x57).   The price may seem high but as a hunter it will take down anything up to and including Elk, and our grandfathers brought down moose with a whole lot less.

I am told by the importer that it is a Russian capture - Russia refurbished these rifles and stored them intending to use them again if necessary.  In the mean time the automatics came on line for most armies.  The front sight hood is missing and the swastikas are stamped out.  The Reich Eagle and unit numbers are still intact. 

  Please read notice at bottom of page.

Numbers inside barrel area of stock are "NA   3   44   39"

As older stocks go, this one is in really good condition, no cracks or bad dents.


Stamped on the Stock to the rear of the locking hole, matches barrel and receiver.



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